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The necessity/obligation of NOT Skipping steps on the development ladder

Very often I see players struggling to adapt when they change format (from 7v7 to 11v11), why does this happen? Because they skipped steps on the development as a player. Some soccer associations and teams, don’t follow the right direction on the LTPD (Long Term Player Development). The format of the LTPD should be 3v3…More

The “obligation” of positions and winning in Youth development

Very often I hear parents saying that “my son is amazing striker”, “my son is like a defensive wall”, and that makes me think about some mistakes that some coaches may be doing. At grassroots development ages until 11/12 the kids are like sponges absorbing everything that somebody tries to teach them. For the same…More

How to develop “smarter soccer players”?

Since I created the Facebook page Canadian Soccer Coaches Network, very often coaches ask me about Unopposed vs Opposed exercises, how can they help develop “smarter players”? First of all (on a very simple way), I will simplify the concept of Soccer IQ in 3 sub-concepts: Awareness, Decision-making and Space-time. Awareness, Reading the game is advantageous on and off…More

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