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How to develop “smarter soccer players”?

Since I created the Facebook page Canadian Soccer Coaches Network, very often coaches ask me about Unopposed vs Opposed exercises, how can they help develop “smarter players”? First of all (on a very simple way), I will simplify the concept of Soccer IQ in 3 sub-concepts: Awareness, Decision-making and Space-time. Awareness, Reading the game is advantageous on and off…More

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Coaching grassroots needs to be way more than just teach kicking the ball around, it’s a chance of teaching players that soccer is way more than a game. When a kid joins a team, mostly of the times he’s nervous, but has a big desire to play, have fun and make friends. The club and coaches need to be conscientious of the impact that they’ll have in this kid’s future.

“A coach will impact more people in one year than the average person will in an entire lifetime.” – Billy GrahamMore

Principles of play – Soccer

From the stands, soccer may look like a single, 90-minute-long game that’s broken into 45-minute chunks by halftime. In reality, each soccer match consists a series of smaller plays involving groups of players. Soccer consists of ten basic tactical principles, originally developed by soccer tactician Allen Wade in 1967 called “The F.A. Guide to Training…More

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